Personal Excellence

Success in sport is a function of how we manage our minds. This program explores the thinking, attitudes, images and feelings that generate success and highlights the five building blocks that are fundamental to our personal excellence.

Teamwork - Why Teams Win

The program explores why and how organizations succeed and teams win. Nine key qualities of winning teams are defined and described. The list includes; leadership, strategy, commitment, chemistry and identity. The program can include interactive exercises designed to clarify and enhance vision, commitment, communication, and identity.


This powerful program explores winning leadership. It describes Dr. Miller’s Ten Commandments for Effective leadership and presents specific directives to increase personal power and influence.

Performing Under Pressure- Mastering Stress and Change

This program is about performing well with less stress. The seminar discusses power, success, and wellness and the interconnectedness of these core concepts. It reviews the elements of performing under pressure and sustaining a high level of productivity while experiencing more health, ease, and balance.

Client Comments

Dr. Miller’s comments on the psychology of winning are the wave of the future.
- NBA Coaches Association

Thank you for a fine presentation at the Mets annual meeting. Each man present benefited from your expertise.
- NY Mets

Thank you for an outstanding presentation at the coaches seminar at Whistler. What was especially impressive was the practical nature of your presentation and the entertaining way it was presented. The coaches enjoyed it! Many felt its application went beyond competitive skiing to every aspect of life.
- Canadian Ski Association

Thanks for your presentation at the Marathon Symposium. The practical, clear, erudite fashion in which you presented the intangible was impressive. You made a believer out of many present.
- Institute of Human Performance

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A video preview of Dr. Miller's popular seminar, "Personal Excellence and The Sport of Business.

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